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Pitta Cooling Spray 30ml

Pitta Cooling Spray 30ml

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The Cooling Pitta Spray is a topical mist that can sooth irritations in the skin and restores balance for agitated heated Pitta conditions. Perfect for all itches and irritations of the skin including insect bites and rashes. Opens up the pores of the skin to release heat off the top off the body while the floral oils absorb through the skin and evacuate down and out through the liver, pulling pitta (heat based toxins) out of the body through the digestive tract. It is a great antiseptic for wounds and also regenerates skin cells and preserves the youth of the skin. Other great uses would be as a relaxing air freshener around home or subtle perfume applied to your clothes and body. 



Lavender: Antiseptic (kills bacteria and fungus), cholagogue (purifies and purgest the liver and gallbladder) ; balancing and calming mood swings, irritability, stress and motion sickness ;  analgesic (relieves pain) for burns, wounds, insect bites, fever blisters, infections, and headache.

Wintergreen: Antiseptic (kills bacteria and fungus), Asthma (may help decrease asthma), muscle pain (may reduce soreness), inflammation and headaches. 

Coriander: Aches and Pains (analgesic properties that can help pain management), antiseptic (kills bacteria and fungus), skin inflammation (may reduce inflammatory skin conditions), mood issues ( calming and uplifting effects, inducing mental clarity and peace).

Rose: Antiseptic (kills bacteria and fungus), Emmenagogue (stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus) and treats menstrual imbalances, fabulous for skin conditions with redness and itching while moistening and youthing the skin, treats inflamed eyes and headache.

Ylang ylang: Antiseptic (kills bacteria and fungus), calming (reduces anxiety and promotes calm), Asthma (may help decrease asthma), acne (antibacterial properties help reduce redness and soreness), scalp infection and parasites (may reduce scalp infections and clear and repel parasites such as lice).

Patchouli: Antiseptic (kills bacteria and fungus), calming (reduces anxiety and promotes calm), inflammation (may help reduce inflammation), skin damage (facilitates faster healing of wounds by stimulating regeneration of the skin).


The Cooling Pitta Spray with its cooling, calming and purifying qualities. Yet is designed so it can be used by all body types seeking youthful and healthy skin.The Cooling Pitta Spray is a synergy which purifies excess TEJAS (fire) energy which would otherwise create imbalances in the skin and increase visible aging.

Intended Actions Based on Known Therapeutic Actions of Individual Ingredients:

Alterative (detoxifies the blood), antiseptic, antifungal, skin regenerator, cell regenerator, refrigerant, analgesic (relieves pain), antispasmodic (suppresses muscle spasms), diuretic (promotes urine production), cholagogue (detoxifies and purifies liver and gallbladder), stimulant, balancing.



Heat conditions presented on the skin via consistent application.


Generously spray 5-10 times daily on skin and rub in and allow to absorb.


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