Chemical additives are all around us and in the modern world there is really no way to avoid them. Yet modern science has proved that each individual can only take a certain amount of these chemicals before their body reaches overload, resulting in allergies, diseases and eventually cancer. Unfortunately it's still tricky to find products that are made with high-quality ingredients and don't use chemicals. Our products are 100% pure and natural!


    Preventing disease is often about catching it before it has fully developed, winning the battle before it has begun. Have you ever noticed that first sign of a cold but had nothing around to treat it with? Perhaps you noticed the beginning of an infection, but did not want to take antibiotics yet? Now with a simple, handy, on-the-go healing product you have first aid for more than 70+ imbalances, anywhere, anytime! A potent, easy to use healing kit, preventing disease before it gets serious.


    The man behind Vitality Now isn't just someone who found random information on Google and wants your money. Kimmana Nichols is an expert and certified wellness practitioner who is internationally sought after, and truly cares about your wellbeing. He is the third generation from an entire family of holistic healers and educators with the vision to marry traditional wisdom and cutting edge science for a new age of chemical-free health and wellness products.

How do Ayurveda and essential oils work powerfully together?

Ayurvedic essential oils are the marriage of two sciences: super potent plant extracts, and the holistic wisdom of how to best apply them. They are truly tailored to individual needs; thus preventing side effects and increasing effectiveness.


Ayurveda is a medicine system that has existed and evolved for more than 5,000 years. Its systems for understanding and applying balance are so well respected that the World Health Organisation listed Ayurveda as the most useful medicine system for underdeveloped countries because it enhances the understanding and use of local medicines. Ayurveda is profoundly effective in achieving true health and vitality because it addresses your unique body constitution.


Ayurvedic essential blending combines the modern processes of potent essential oil extracts with the holistic systems of Ayurveda, making it easier for you to know when, and for whom, the blend will be most useful.


By understanding that all human beings are unique and special, creating an essential oil blend that can address the individual needs is a powerful tool to bring true health and happiness.