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Forgiveness Meditation Audio Lead by Kimmana (Lifetime Access)

Forgiveness Meditation Audio Lead by Kimmana (Lifetime Access)

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Forgiveness is a powerful medicinal tool that brings peace and happiness to ourselves and those around us.



Without forgiveness we build heart knots, in Sanskrit these are known as Hridyagranthas, and they block the mind-body from the clear communication and guiding messages that can come from our deeper ability to listen with the heart.

This mind-body distraction and disconnection often influences posture, circulation and the process of disease.

Do you have some physical aches and pains? Holding on to anger, resentment and hurt leads to tense muscles, headaches and sleep imbalances that are often related to relational trauma and forgiveness.

This meditation, lead by Kimmana Nichols, has been designed specifically to guide you along the path to forgiveness. It is based upon the traditional Hawaiian practice of Ho' oponopono, a sacred prayer and ritual that is designed to work with tribal wars and family fudes. The process leads us back to Ohana, the healing love of family and unity.

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