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Organic Haritaki Powder

Organic Haritaki Powder

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Botanical Name: Chebulic Myrobalan / Terminalia chebula

Sanskrit Name: Haritaki, because it carries away (harate) all diseases

Part Used: Fruit

Ayurvedic Energetics: VPK=

Haritaki is the basis for triphala, the three fruits (haritaki, amalaki and bibhitaki), and is one of the main Ayurvedic herb. It feeds the brain and the nerves and imparts the energy of Shiva (pure awareness).

There are few ayurvedic herbs which have the range and power of Haritaki. It is a potent purifier of the body, inside and out, and acts effectively to mitigate the cold and erratic nervousness of vata imbalance. This herb is a gift from the Himalaya which has been used for the benefit of humanity for thousands of years, and surely will continue to do so for millennia to come.

May help with:

Digestion, constipation and diarrhoea.

It is salutary in digestive upset or dysentery caused by parasites or infection, inflammation of mucous membranes, flatulence and borborygmus. It increases the digestive fire and clears undigested residues (ama). As it descends apana vayu it treats the root cause of hiccups and piles. Haritaki’s astringency and mucous membrane healing effects can benefit prolapse, ulcers, intestinal permeability and ‘leaky gut syndrome’.

Cholesterol - It reduces lipid deposits in the blood and liver. Use with honey to help reduce cholesterol.

Lungs - Wet, kapha-type coughs are cleared.

Haritaki astringes all leakages from the body. It sends accumulated vata downwards and helps to clear wheezing, weak voice and asthma.

Eyes - Used in all sorts of eye disorders: inflammation, conjunctivitis. Use as a wash.

Gargle in sore throat. Swill for stomatitis, gingivitis and periodontal disease; with cold water this encourages its astringent nature.

Suggested Use: 250mg - 1g up to 3 times per day in warm water. Haritaki is used in every Tibetan herbal medicine formula and enhances the effects of other herbs. It can be taken by itself as above or can be used as part of an Ayurvedic seasonal regime as below.

Seasonal Use: Haritaki is given with jaggery in summer, rock salt during the monsoon, sugar in autumn, ginger powder in early winter, long pepper in late winter and honey in spring. Alternatively, it may be given with salt in diseases of kapha. With sugar for pitta problems, with ghee for vata, and with jaggery if all three doshas are aggravated.


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