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Organic Amalaki: Sour Antioxidant Fruit

Organic Amalaki: Sour Antioxidant Fruit

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Soothe, Cool and Rejuvenate

One of the main ingredients in popular Ayurvedic formulations chywanprash and triphala, Amalaki is an antioxidant rich fruit that is cooling and nourishing to the whole body.

Amalaki improves digestion. The cooling tendencies of Amla help to clear out excess heat within the digestive track and promote regular bowel movements.

It is often used in cases of pitta heat and sensitivity in the digestive tact because of its soothing and cooling action.

Its sweet vipaka (post-digestive effect) helps to nourish the blood and enhance ojas (vitality).

It may help with: Digestive sensitivity, intestinal bleeding, acidity, haemorrhoids, nourish the blood and enhance ojas(vitality).

Dose: 3-6gms or as advised by your practitoner.

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