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Ojas Nectar: Nourish and Build

Ojas Nectar: Nourish and Build

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Supports Immune and Fluid Vitality


May Help With: Lubricate reproductive organs and skin, improve immune & sexual function, remove dosha through the urinary system.


Directions: Steep 1tbsp in 1L in Thermos for 20mins or Boil for 30mins plus, add milk as directed by practitioner.


Ingredients: Chinese red dates, *Amalaki, *Liquorice, *Sariva, *Vidari, *Bala, *Gokshura, *Ashwagandha, *Ginger, *Galangal, *Shatavari, *Cardamom, *Coriander, *Fennel

*Certified Organic


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