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Ghee Nasya: Soothe and Harmonise

Ghee Nasya: Soothe and Harmonise

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Nasal oil to cool the mind and nourish ojas


May Help With:

Blood noses due to excess pitta

Premenstrual tension, especially in the head, neck or eyes

Builds and nourishes new skin

Red or irritated eyes with sensitivity to light and heat


1-2 drops on your finer and massage gently inside each nostril, or as prescribed. Ideally warm the oil before use and steam or rinse the face and mouth with warm water after applying to increase penetration and effectiveness.

For people with more congestion, kapha, ama or blockage, Vacha Nasya may be more ideal for 1 to 2 weeks before using Ghee Nasya.


Ghee, licorice root, shatavari

Certified Organic Ingredients


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