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Pure Clove Bud Essential Oil (Indonesia): Calming and Soothing Aromatic Flower

Pure Clove Bud Essential Oil (Indonesia): Calming and Soothing Aromatic Flower

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Clove Bud Essential Oil is water-distilled from the Clove tree, Syzygium aromaticum, and has a strong aroma that blends well with other warming essential oils.

Clove is often used as a cleaning agent to help kill the spores of mould - so great to use in a shower recess or kitchen as a natural cleaning alternative.



This spicy essential oil is commonly used to help with endurance and to gain strength when determination and assertiveness are needed. It also aids in improving concentration and stimulating circulation and blood flow, making Clove a great oil to help get the mind and body moving.


Suggested use:

Mix 2% clove essential oil into any carrier oil to make an invigorating massage oil.

Mix 5 to 10% into coconut, sesame, or castor oil for oil pulling practice (gundush). 1 to 2 tsp of this mix is swished in the mouth for as long as it is comfortable before spitting it back out.

Place one drop directly on a sore tooth or two drops in a mouthful of water and swish. Can be applied regularly as needed, but if pain persists, consult a dentist and/or health professional.


May Help With: 

Pain Management, Toothaches, Antibacterial Properties, Aid Digestion, Removing Mould, For Mood Support.


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