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Blemish Clearing Mask: Aromatic Herbal Clay

Blemish Clearing Mask: Aromatic Herbal Clay

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Soothing Skin Perfector

Traditional formula handed down through the Nanal family of Ayurvedic Vaidya's (Revered Doctors).


May Help With:  

Clearing all skin conditions with redness, irritation, dry scales, eruptions, pimples

Drawing out excess vata and pitta that may be causing skin conditions

Smoothing and rejuvenating skin elasticity

Sensually pleasing the mind

Divine sandalwood scent


Mix with a small amount of boiled water to make a paste. Apply lavishly anywhere needed.

Wait until dry, wash off with warm water. Spritz with Vitality Now Rose Water. Moisturize.

Apply daily until symptoms resolve. Consult a practitioner if not experiencing positive results within 2 weeks.


Sariva, Turmeric, Sandalwood, Licorice, Manjishta, Bentonite Clay

Certified Organic Ingredients


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